How To Apply bwc Foundations

How To Apply bwc Foundations

8th Jan 2016

Applying the perfect flawless foundation is quite easy if you use good technique and the right applicator. It is essential as your foundation determines the quality of your finished look and is worth taking a little trouble to perfect.

Applying Foundation

Start with a clean base. Wash your face with a cleansing face wash and then dry your face with a soft towel. If you suffer from dry skin then make sure you moisturise afterwards.

Before using foundation make sure you test that it is the right shade for you. The best place to test it is actually along your jaw line as this is the place your foundation will look the most out of place if it is the wrong shade for you. Naturally most women’s necks are a different shade from their face, so it is important that your foundation will look natural there. If you tan very easily in the sun then try to look for a foundation which has a yellow base while if you tend to burn in the sun then look for a foundation which is slightly pinky/rosy.

Best Way To Apply Foundation

There are many different ways to apply foundation but these are the top 3 techniques using different applicators.

  • How to apply foundation with fingers
    Many people use their hands to apply foundation which is fine for touch ups but when trying to perfect your base it will interfere and create blotches and streaks. Also you have to remember that your hands have natural oils on them and will ruin a smooth matte finish.

  • How to apply foundation with a sponge
    Another way to apply foundation is to use a cosmetic sponge. There are 2 types of sponges. One is shaped like a prism or block and the other is shaped like a disc. The disc shaped sponge has advantages as it does not absorb as much foundation and therefore does not waste as much as a prism shaped sponge.

  • How to apply foundation with a brush
    The most commonly used applicator is actually a foundation brush. These are brilliant as they are very easy to use and give a clean finish and generally will use less foundation as they do not absorb as much. However you must make sure you wash your foundation brush once a week as it will start to deteriorate and go greasy; the best thing to wash it with is actually shampoo as it removes grease.

How to apply foundation effectively

To start with you will want to cover up any blemishes with concealer, targeting under the eyes to cover up tiredness, the t-zone (nose and forehead) and the creases at the sides of your nose. Next using your choice of applicator, try to blend the concealer slightly with your skin by dabbing at the edges. Now depending on whether you are left or right handed squirt some foundation onto the back of your receptive hand, it should be about the size of a kidney bean. You can always use more but it is safer to squirt less and then add more later if you need it. Load the brush with a small quantity of the foundation from the back of your hand making sure it is well coated. Apply small spots to the forehead, cheeks, chin, and tip of the nose. Working out from the nose blend gently outwards to the ear, working on one side only to begin and then blending the other side to match to get an even finish. Don’t forget to touch up the ears also. Follow with the forehead and chin, working down under the chin and down the neck until there is no visible line. Pay extra attention to the eyes on the eyelids, under the eyebrow, underneath the eye and around the nose. You can apply foundation also to the lips before applying lipstick.

To finish it is a good idea to apply a light dusting of Beauty Without Cruelty Face Powder; loose or pressed in a translucent shade.

Beauty Without Cruelty Foundations

Made with natural ingredients, it gives a beautiful flawless streak free finish and is very easy to apply. A combination of moisture balancing pentavin combined with jojoba, avocado oil and vitamin E provides a smooth natural consistency for a flawless complexion. It sits lightly on the skin providing perfect non-comodogenic application. The airless pump delivers just the right amount of product without wastage and is recyclable. There are six mixable shades:

  • Sheer – Pink based for the very lightest of skin tones
  • Fair – Pale, pink based shade suits most light skin tones
  • Light – Similar tone to fair but a yellow based shade
  • Medium – For warmer and lightly tanned skin tones, pink based
  • Natural – Deeper and more tanned, yellow based
  • Beige – Warm, pink based for darker skin tones