Hints and Tips

Eye Brows made Easy

20th Feb 2019

Eye Brows can have a huge impact on your face, framing your eyes and helping to define your features. However, if you have beautiful natural eyebrows, you are very lucky! Most of us have sparse h … read more
Mineral Powder Foundations

Mineral Powder Foundations

21st Jan 2019

Mineral Powder Foundations Beauty Without Cruelty Pure Mineral Foundation Powder is an incredibly easy to use loose powder ideal for all skin types, and especially sensitive, oily and acne p … read more
Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

3rd Dec 2018

The all new Ink Liner will create a glossy black effect that will last all day. The intense black pigment is plant based, made from charcoal powder which comes from oak. The formula also contains no i … read more
Two-Tone and Ombre Lips

Two-Tone and Ombre Lips

8th Feb 2018

Two-Tone and Ombre Lips Ombre Lips are a simple but high impact look, as well as being one of the easiest lips to wear. Traditionally, this effect has been used to contour the lips and make them a … read more

How to make perfect nails at home

Posted by Hannah on 2nd Jun 2017

Believe it or not it is perfectly possible to create beautiful nails at home, you just need the three important p’s: preparation, patience, and practise (and play)! P … read more
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