Eye Brows made Easy

20th Feb 2019

Eye Brows can have a huge impact on your face, framing your eyes and helping to define your features. However, if you have beautiful natural eyebrows, you are very lucky! Most of us have sparse hair, or uneven distribution of hairs.

The most natural looking and easy way to recreate that perfect brow is with a pencil and a spoolie (brush). A wax pencil is more accurate than powder and can be sharpened to recreate even the finest hairs. Choose a shade similar to your hair colour but either one or two shades darker if you have light hair, or lighter if you have dark hair. For red heads choose a red based mid shade.

Eye Brows First, the shape. Look for the imaginary heart shape around your nose and eyes as shown in the picture. This will help with the overall shape you are aiming for. Determining the style that suits you best depends on the overall shape of your face; uneven brows can be adjusted for a more symmetrical effect. For example, more sharply angled arches can bring more definition to a round face, but is too elongating for a long thin face which works better with a wider, flatter brow. Aim for a balanced heart shape that’s fits your face. Remember, brows are sisters not twins, so don’t worry if they are not completely identical, and it can make them look more natural.

The inner edge of your eye brows starts roughly parallel with the edge of your nose ‘button’ (A-B, C-D), whilst the outer edge forms a line through the middle of your nose at the base and the outside edge of your nose (E-F, E-G). For the arch, take a line from the base of your nose (E), through your pupil (E-H, E-I). Sounds technical, but it works!

Let the pencil do the rest! First use the spoolie to encourage all the hair to lie smoothly. Fill in any gaps with very light short strokes. Finally, colour the brows holding the pencil on its side for more control with short light strokes in the direction the hair grows. The Beauty Without Cruelty Brow Liners are extremely responsive so only a light touch is needed. Build colour on the hair very slowly as it is easy to over do it! Hair nearer the nose tends to be a little more vertical than hair nearer the ears. Tail the colour away towards the outside edge. Finally use the spoolie again to blend and shape. Any errors can be removed with a cotton bud. The Beauty Without Cruelty Angled Eye Liner Brush can be useful for softening the brush strokes and helping to define the outline.

For a more sophisticated finish, you can use the Beauty Without Cruelty Brow & Lip Pencil. This is a clear wax pencil which works as a primer, shaper and neatens up edges afterwards. Stroked gently over the top of your finished brows it can help to make them last longer, sealing the colour from the brow pencil.