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Evening Eye Shadow Looks


Evening make up can be much more fun than day make up and it doesn’t always follow fashion. It’s mainly centred on dark colours and sparkle! Evening make up is all about drama, you want to make sure you emphasise your features so that they don’t get lost in ‘candlelight’.

With your evening make up you don’t want to be too bland, so if you match your lipstick to your eye shadow then try to add an extra eye shadow colour on your brow bone to catch the light. Vanity and Purity work particularly well as they lift and lighten the area.

To create these looks prepare your foundation in your normal way, or follow the article on ‘How to Apply Foundation’ which will give you a fabulous base. Then follow one of the gorgeous looks for your eye-makeup detailed below.

Blue Mist


This look is one that incorporates many different colours. It catches the light and brightens your eyes and overall makes your eyes the centre of attention. For this look you need to use mineral loose eye shadows as it creates the perfect amount of drama.

Imagine your eye is split into 5 sections. You are going to want 5 different coloured eye shadows. The colours used are the BWC mineral loose eye shadows - Mystery, Purity, Vanity, Obsession and Envy. With this look it is a necessity to own an eye shadow brush as it’s quite a delicate look. The Fine Blender Brush is ideal, but the Deep Crease Blender Brush also works well.

Starting with Mystery, (‘black’) apply to section 3. Now take the colour Purity (‘white’) and apply to section 2. For section 1, apply the shade Vanity (‘nude’). Now blend sections 1, 2 and 3 together with a brush just to soften the edges. Next apply section 4 with Obsession (dark blue) and section 5 with Envy (bluey-green). Now blend the edge of section 2 with section 5 and the edge of section 5 with section 4 to avoid join lines. Add BWC Full Volume Mascara and you have finished your glamorous evening eye makeup. A little eye liner can help to make the lashes look fuller.



This look follows the same design as blue mist however, using different colours, it will create a fantastic mystical look. The colours used are Mystery and Purity (black and white). Once again you are going to need an eye shadow brush for blending. The great thing about this look is if you make a mistake it doesn’t matter because it’s quite a simple look but still looks sophisticated. Sections 1, 2 and 5 all have purity. Section 3 and 4 has mystery. Blend these sections together and you’re almost finished. Take an eye defining eye pencil and run it along sections 4 and 5 to outline your eyes. Add mascara and you have finished this simple but brilliant look.

Purple Passion


For this evening make up look use the BWC Purple Passion Eye Shadow Duo and the BWC Mineral Loose Eye Shadow Pride. Start off with section 4, this is the section you are going to need the mineral loose eye shadow. The reason for using Pride is that it has a sparkle in it which will lighten your eyes and catch the light. Next take the dark colour in the duo eye shadow and, using the Fine Blender brush, fill in section 2 all the way round the edge of your eye. Dampening the brush will help apply a deep shade, intensify the colour and will last longer. Try to create a ‘point’ on the outside corner for a tidy look, as this will also make your eyes look bigger. Try to make section 2 quite a solid colour as you don’t want a ‘washed out’ colour look. Next fill in section 1 and 3 with the lighter shade of the lilac eye shadow duo. A touch of Purity in Section 3 will make the eyes look further apart and add brightness. Now blend all sections together so that they look like they merge into each other. Apply mascara and you’re done! Again a little eye liner can help to make lashes look fuller.



This look is very simple but creates a lovely very glamorous look. It is a necessity to use mineral loose eye shadows. You need the bwc colours Intrigue and Vanity (brown and a neutral colour). However first of all you need to take a bwc eye defining eyeliner pencil in black and run it along the thick red line (left). Next fill section 1 with Intrigue and section 2 with vanity. Blend slightly in the tear duct area, add heavy mascara and this simple but eye catching make up is complete.



Bright colours are actually fantastic, they can look a bit odd to wear but if used correctly they can enhance your features better than ‘normal’ colours. The places you want to use vibrant colours are in sections 1 and 2. This is so that it brightens and heightens your eyes. Mineral Duo Juicy Plum deep shade works really well as it will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. For section 4 use the pale shade of the duo, or shades such as Purity or Serenity and blend. For section 3 use Purity to lighten the look and make it look fresh and not too heavy. Don’t forget to finish your look with your favourite mascara and eye liner!

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