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Matching lips and tips is so the trend you need to try!

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The best make up trends are always the ones which are easy to do and look super effective. This year’s trend is about matching your manicure to your favourite lipstick. bwc has made this super possible with its new release of matchy-matchy lipsticks and nail varnishes. bwc have made matching cool again.

Still not convinced? Here are two make up matchy trends to get you started!

Natural Nude

Everyone can pull off that super subtle natural no make-up look, but rock it with one of bwc’s new nude matte lipsticks such as Koala Bare, a hint of blush and one of bwc’s new nude plant based nail colours from the Kind Colourful Nails Earth range such as Naked Bathing. You will look fresh and polished with bwc’s matchy matchy natural nude look.



Rosey Posey

If you want to take your day look to evening, look no further than bwc’s new plummy shades. With lots to choose from you know you’ll be able to work your personal matchy-matchy. My favourite has got to be bwc’s new Matte Lipstick ‘Cocktail Dress’, matched with Kind Colourful Nails Smouldering Jealousy. You can go subtle and smooth or hot and feisty for the night with bwc’s glitzy evening colours, the choices are endless!



You could of course just try one of the new Beauty Without Cruelty Black Stocking Lip and Nail Kits which are great value at only £28!


Don’t forget to share your matchy matchy with us on Instagram #bwcv or Facebook!

Happy matchy matching


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