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BWC Mascaras



Gorgeous formulations now enhanced with a longer mascara, 15% more product and amazing new brushes each dedicated to producing the best individual effect


Featuring our unique waterproof formulation which is paraben free and vegan! Our Waterproof Mascara is now wonderfully enhanced with a new ergonomic “Curvy Contour” brush that creates  length, curl and definition by increasing the natural curve of the lashes. The design makes reaching the corners exceptionally easy creating a more even coat. Particularly good for contact lens wearers.

Full Volume

Fabulous natural formulation for maximum volume has added vegan fibre to enhance length and volume performance. The new extra dense soft hollow fine haired “Double Depth” brush maximises extension and thickness by closely coating each individual lash in its fullest extent

Ultimate Conditioning

Full Volume conditioning formulation with wild berry wax with the innovative spheres “Lash Lovers” brush that creates length and definition with shading effect and lash separation as well as increased coverage reaching the full length of every lash. The brush is made with Rilsan which is made from the Castor Oil and entirely of vegetal origin.

A simple mascara



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